Hi everyone, hope this is finding you all well and happy. I have been busy working on a baby quilt that is way overdue and learning some new embroidery design software. I bought the BES4 Pacesetter software when I got my Dream Machine 2 years ago and I had only touched the surface of its capabilities, I bought several of the Power Packs to go with it which put me further in the hole of not knowing what to do. All this computer stuff really intimidates me, There are so many icons and buttons to learn, are any of you the same way? Well, I have an idea for a cute baby quilt and I am determined to use all the stuff I paid a fortune for to make it. So, I am designing the appliques on my BES4 software, sending it to my ScanNCut to cut the fabric and sending it to my machine to stitch out. Ooh Doggie, as my exercise instructor Pahla B says, has it been a challenge for this non tech person. BUT I am getting it. I am nothing if not persistent, although my family would call it stubborn (HAHA).

I needed an excuse to take a mental break so I decided to send a little reminder about my classes. The T-shirt class in underway as I write this. The registration for the class ends on April 30th so don’t loose track of time and miss your chance to take the class.

My Tie Quilt Class that is going live next month is also accepting early registrations now. Several people have asked how long the classes are available. Once you buy them they are yours to watch whenever you want however many times you want BUT they will only be available to BUY during the periods listed for the the registration. Once the registration for the class is over the class will no longer be available to buy till the next time they decide to offer it and right now I believe they are only planning to offer them maybe once a year or so. If you are planning to make any memory quilts over the next year or more I would suggest you get the class now so it will be available to you when you decide to move forward on the quilt in the future.

Well, I better get back to the quilt and get it done before the little guy is in college. 🙂 Wish me luck and have a great rest of the week.

Happy Memories, Trish