This year Quilting Daily is offering my memory quilt classes individually. They will each be available for only a month so you need to make a plan to register for the classes when they are offered so you will have them for reference later when doing your memory quilts.

First up is the T-Shirt Memory Quilt Workshop

Are you planning on making a T-Shirt quilt for a gift this year?  If you are I recommend you sign up for my class “Techniques for Making T-Shirts into Memory Blocks”.  I give you directions on how to decide the best way to use the shirts and the designs on them. Then I explain how to make the blocks and give you loads of tips on how to deal with different kinds of shirts and designs.  The class is only being offered for a month, 4/16 to 5/14, so if you are thinking about doing a t-shirt quilt sometime in the next year make sure you register for the class now so you can watch it any time you want when you have questions or need a refresher.

Coming up in May! The next online class being offered is my “Techniques for Making Ties Into Memory Quilts”. It is being offered 5/14 to 6/11. Like the T-Shirt class this is only being offered once this year so if you are thinking about making a tie quilt for one of the wonderful men in your life make sure you get the class now so you have it available later to help you design and make your quilt.

If you have any questions about any of the classes or need help with a project please feel free to email me at I am always available to help with concerns or to bounce ideas off of.

Take care and Happy Memories, Trish