Hi everyone,

Hope this finds you all doing well and keeping safe.  I have been keeping myself busy the last few months concentrating on redecorating my family room/kitchen and working on losing some weight.  I figure if I am going to be stuck at home I am going to be productive and come out healthier on the other side of this mess.  I am being successful on both counts which is a relief.  We were blessed to see our children and grandchildren who bravely social distanced their way to FL and hung out with us at home for a week.  Our daughter was able to stay a little longer and helped us paint the large space, which was a big help.  I still have a valance to make for our big sliders but we are on the downslope and hope to be totally finished in the next week or so.  I don’t know how you guys are all dealing with Covid but I have never shopped so much by mail and I hate it.  Most of us who sew and quilt are touchy feely people who like to see and touch everything in person.  Colors and textures are never accurate on the computer screen and I have had to send a lot back because the colors have been off or the texture is totally wrong and a really cheap look compared to the photos on the website. My kids laugh at me because they are and have been pros at this mail order stuff for years. I just miss shopping in person.  Last month I went to Target to return something I had mail ordered and ended up staying and shopping because no one was in the store.  I had not been in any store since the beginning of March and it really got to me. We have taken so much in our everyday lives for granted for so long.  I think it will be a long time before I take a simple trip to a store for granted again, especially since I am still not shopping stores on a regular basis, I just don’t think it’s safe yet.

I have been able to get some baby quilts made in the last few months which I will show later after they get delivered.  A lot of people took advantage of their free time by taking my Masters Class on Quilting Daily.  Many have been getting ready for making Christmas gifts by using the 60% off sale on my website to stock up on the templates and book for getting their projects done. Some of the sizes are out of stock and others are getting low so, if you are thinking about getting a specific size, do it soon before it’s gone. I will not be restocking.

As we get into fall and start plugging away on those Christmas projects let me know if you have any questions or concerns that I can help you with.  Memory Quilts are the perfect gift for any member of the family and are lots of fun to make, don’t stress ask for help if you need it.

Take care and Stay Safe,  Happy Memories