Hope you have all had a great start to the new year.  Ours started out wonderfully with the birth of our grandson Nathaniel William in January.  He of course came during a snow storm but since the date was planned we were able to be there soon after his birth.  As with our other grandchildren we don’t share photos for their safety but take it from Gigi he is adorable. 🙂

You know the old adage about the cobbler whose children have no shoes and the fact that electricians and other construction people have many unfinished projects in their own homes?  Well, I resemble that remark :-).  I have a closet full of projects and several of them were and are for my children.  Some of these projects have been in there for years calling my name but I have had to ignore them because I was so busy making quilts for my clients and everyone else.  I finally decided that after 25 years it was time to do two them and give them as Christmas gifts this year.

Our children both went to Space Camp when they were younger.  Our son Christopher went to Space Camp at Kennedy Space Center and then a couple years later he went to the next level Aviation Challenge, in Huntsville, Alabama while our daughter went Space Camp there.  They enjoyed it so much and of course had some shirts from their experiences.  I had saved their clothes from then but there were not enough for a complete quilt so Doug and I picked some other space shirts to complete their quilts.  We went to the Space Shirts store on Merritt Island here in Florida. I have ordered from them online in the past but we decided to go and browse the store to make our final choices for the quilts. I used the pattern, Reach For The Stars, from my book Easy Memorabilia Quilts, Ties, T-Shirts, Photos and More.

We were really happy with the results and the kids loved them.  I am sure they were shocked to finally get their quilts on Christmas morning.

These are the fronts for Christopher’s and Jennifer’s Quilts.  The backs for both quilts were made the same.  I used a panel to the back to add an accent so it wasn’t just fabric.

Christopher's Space Quilt Front

Jennifer's Space Quilt Front

Christopher's Space Quilt Back

As we go into spring hope you all have wonderful projects planned.  If you need any help getting projects done for graduations let me know I have lots of tools and tips to make things easier for you.

Take care and Happy Memories, Trish