I make a lot of memory quilts and each one is a little different than the other.  The reason for this is that every quilt is for a different person, represents different memories and has a different theme to it.  With some quilts a technique that I have done in lots of other quilts and its worked great doesn’t quite work so I have to rethink what I am going to do.  I just finished a quilt for a friends daughter for her college graduation.  It ended up being a two sided Delta Zeta quilt.  I used white as the sashing for the quilt so I needed to frame out the white shirts so they would pop against the white sashing and not blend in.  Normally I would just use black fabric as the frame because there is always a bunch of black shirts so it looks nice and balanced.  In this quilt, however, there was only one black shirt so using black fabric for the frames just didn’t seem right.  Instead I went into my stash and matched the frame fabric to the colors in the particular shirt I was framing.  The results worked out great and helped the shirts stay true to the quilt design and not look odd or out of place.

Here are pictures of the blocks I framed.    The block below looks black but it is really navy blue. The lower block below is really a neat deep purple.

The other thing I did with this quilt that I don’t do very often is to bind it with a Double Sided Binding using two different fabrics.  The client I was doing the quilt for wanted the sorority colors as the borders.  Since it was a two sided quilt it was decided to do one side with pink fabric as the narrow inner border and green fabric as the wider outer border.  Using the same fabrics but reversing them I did the other side with the green fabric as the inner border and the pink fabric as the wider outer border.  I wanted the binding to match the border on both sides so I had to do a Double Sided Binding.  I followed the wonderful directions I found on the The Pattern Basket Blogspot and it was so easy.

Following Margo Languedoc’s step by step instructions this is what my binding looked like before it was sewn on the quilt.

And here are photos of the quilt with the binding sewn on.

Green outer border

Pink outer border

I love how both sides have a nice finished look to them.  Think about doing this when the backing and border fabrics just don’t quite work as the binding for each other, your finished quilt will thank you for the little bit of extra time spent on the binding by looking especially pretty.

Hope these little tips help your make your quilts shine a little brighter when you have one with some special needs.

Happy Memories,  Trish