Since I have stopped making quilts for clients I have been playing catch up with all the quilts I owe my family.  I feel like the cobbler whose children have no shoes, or the plumber who has pipes that leak because he is busy doing for everyone else. I have a closet full of family projects that have been waiting for me to have time.  My family has been so patient, especially my niece Kristen and her hubby Andy who got married 2 plus years ago.  I just recently got their wedding gift of a memory quilt done for them and surprised them with it when we saw them at a family gathering last month.   I have made many of my family a quilt as a wedding gift.  This quilt is made up of the memories they have from dating going up to the date of the wedding.  In Kristen and Andy’s case I asked for 23 memories from their years together.  These memories can be anything, concerts, trips, first date, favorite songs, etc., and the deal is they won’t be asked what they mean or stand for – it is for them only.  I use the “My One and Only” pattern from my book Easy Memorabilia Quilts, Ties, T-Shirts, Photos and More.  Each block is a memory that I have embroidered. I use the colors that they have picked for their homes to make up the quilt. Kristen and Andy love the ocean so the colors are various shades of blue, white and gray.

Here are two photos of the quilt.

What do you do for your wedding quilts? Do you have a special quilt pattern you use or do you change it up each time?  I would love to see what you have all done and hear your gift ideas.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Memories, Trish