Happy New Year!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday. Most of us are socked in with the cold.  I know, I know who am I to complain about cold when I live in Florida.  Well, for us it is pretty nippy but I really am enjoying snuggling under my quilts in front of the fire.  We don’t get to do that much here and this past week I have spent many an hour doing just that – which is just fine for now.

I gave several quilts to my great nieces and nephew for Christmas just in time for them to snuggle under as the storms go through PA.  I wasn’t able to share them before as I didn’t want to risk anyone seeing them before they were given but I thought I would share them with you now.

This is the first one I made.  I kind of did this one backwards as I found the fabric for the back first. One of my great nieces loves turtles so I started out with the beautiful turtle fabric for the back and then designed the front to go with it.

The next one I did was for my other great-niece who loves Paris.  I used fabric that I had bought as a kit years ago and has been in my stash since waiting to become a quilt.  I teased my husband that I knew all those years ago that I would have a great-niece who loved Paris and would need to make her a quilt, which is why I have been moving this fabric around from PA, to Virginia and now Florida. 🙂

The last one I made was for my great-nephew who loves to fish. This was actually made out of two panels from two different designers.  I used one full panel and used parts of the second one. I love how they blended together.It was a lot of fun designing and making these cuties their quilts. I hope they keep them warm and snuggly for many winters to come.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and are excited about the year to come.  I have gotten some other projects from my stash done in the last couple of weeks, which puts me ahead of last year already so I am on a roll.  What are you working on?  Don’t forget to share. We all love to be inspired and encouraged by other quilters.

Have a great week.  Trish