Fall has come to Florida, YEAH!!! I am so happy.  We were able to open all our windows and slider doors today and let the cool breezes come through house.  We even went for a drive out to the coast for dinner in Doug’s convertible, fantastic.  Don’t know how long it will last but will enjoy it while it’s here.

Off and on I have been redoing some old quilts that I had just tied instead of machine quilted.  This last one I did is a quilt I made for my Mom and Dad’s camp in Maine about 20 years ago.  I say about because I was bad back then and didn’t put labels on my quilts.  Bad Girl, Bad Girl, ugh. I now put labels on all my quilts.

This quilt originally had a hunter green backing on it and had been pillow-cased and then tied. I took it apart and found another flannel that would match the best I could and quilted it.  Since this is all flannels with batting it certainly won’t be used here in Florida, as it is really heavy, so I am going to give it to our son who lives in Syracuse, NY.   It is said that Syracuse is the city in the US with the highest number of inches of snow a year, something like 138.  It will certainly help to keep him warm on those cold winter nights. Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying your fall.  Have a great Halloween  next week and be safe Trick or Treating with the little ones.

God Bless, Trish