Hope everyone is having a great week.  Since I shared my inside holiday decorating I thought it would be fun to share what the outside of my house looks like.  My theme seems to have become witches flying into things and crashing so my yard is full of witches in crazy circumstances.  Maybe I need to check my wine frig to see if any is missing. 🙂

I found the witches legs in a catalog and thought they were so cute but didn’t want to spend the money on them.  Here in Florida things only last a few years and then bleach out because of the sun so I don’t like spending a lot of money on outside decorations since they don’t last as long as they use to up north. I remembered reading someplace about using pool noodles to make legs so I bought some and kind of did my own thing.  I got the socks at JoAnn’s and some shoes at the local thrift store.  First I stuffed the feet of the socks with some poly-fill and then slid in the noodle.  Because I was putting real shoes on them I added some PVC pipe, at my hubbies suggestion, to the inside of the noodle for support but if you aren’t going to use real shoes you don’t need the pipe.  I then put the shoes on the feet.  The shoes on the green socks needed some wire to help keep them in the proper place because of the open style but the boots stay on all by themselves.  I used tent stakes fastened to the pipe to hold the legs in the ground.  Once I had everything together it only took maybe an hour to do both sets of legs.  Now I can just replace the socks when they fade and not have to buy a whole new set of decorations every few years.

For anyone admiring my mums on the porch, they are beautiful silk.  I have learned in Florida it is a waste to buy real mums, they die so quickly in the heat.  We also have to wait till the very last minute to carve our pumpkins as they rot in just a few days.  I really do miss the north this time of year but then the really cold weather and snow hits and I am all for my Florida home again. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing my crazy witches.  What kind of decorations, theme do you have for Halloween?

Have a great week. I am working on some projects for my grandchildren which I will share with you later in the week so stay tuned.