And It’s A Wrap

The last few weeks have been crazy but so neat.  I went a week ago to Golden, Colorado to the offices of F&W Media to tape five Memory Quilting online classes for The Quilt Company.   The crew that did the taping was just wonderful.  They all worked together so well and made me so relaxed that I ended up enjoying the process instead of being intimidated by the camera.

Sabrina, Ginger, Andrew, ME, Corey and Jon.

You don’t realize all that goes into one of these classes until you do one.  It takes months of preparation organizing what you are going to teach, getting all the step outs together, and making sure each lesson fits into the time you have allotted.   I had requirements for taping such as the clothes I could wear, including colors. Nails, of course, had to be manicured.

The taping started everyday at 7 am with me coming in for hair and makeup.  For any of you who know me you know that in and of itself was a major accomplishment, I am not a morning person LOL. After Nikki was finished with me I started getting things together for the class we were taping that morning.  The crew would come in and get the cameras and lights together for the day.  Corey always set me up with a mike and Jon, Ginger and Sabrina would go over with me what was going to be taped and how they were going to tape it. Jon was the Director and worked with Andrew & Corey running the cameras.  It was so wonderful to work with people that respected each others opinions and ideas and genuinely seamed to enjoy working with each other.  Speaking as “The Talent” they made the whole experience so much nicer and easier for me. We had a lunch break around noon and then went till 5:30 each night except for the last day Friday when we stopped at 3:30.

I wanted to share some more photos with you so you could see the studio and more of the process involved.

The young lady who made me look good for the camera every morning. Thank you Nikki!



Here you can see the monitor/seating area for the boom camera that Andrew used.  There were a few times it got really close to my head but he always warned me. LOL  I am in the back right where I set up all my step outs for the days taping.


This is Ginger, the producer, and I talking about the next segment.  She and Sabrina, the Instructional Designer, were wonderful listening to what I wanted to teach and helping me to do it in the best way possible on camera. On the left forward you can see the white stool with a little heater on it, this was for the cold Floridian :-).  We had lots of snow while I was there, about 10 inches total. Luckily I had a heavy winter coat. Even though the temperatures were in the single to low double digits most of the time Doug and I were there it was a dry cold, so we did pretty well dealing with it.  You normally think of the lights during filming as creating heat but these are all LED’s so no heat was generated, therefore the little heater was put on off camera to keep me warm.  Corey did a great job as sound/camera man shutting it off during taping when all of us forgot it was there.


Jon, Ginger, and I setting the scene for the taping of the Children’s Clothing Class.  You can see the boom camera in front of me and one of the other cameras to the left.


Ginger sitting at the table in the back with screens for all three cameras.  Sabrina sat back here as well when she wasn’t running around taking pictures 🙂


The gang discussing the next step and having a good laugh.  They kept it so light and fun everything went really smooth.


The Filmslate/Clapperboard used on the set.


Me behind the table getting ready to tape.


It was a great experience but exhausting. Friday night it was time for my hubby and I  to celebrate a successful week with a great meal and a great bottle of wine at a wonderful restaurant called The Fort.

The classes are slated to be put online in May.  I will keep you posted as things move forward. In the meantime, if you have any questions or I can be of help with any of your projects don’t forget I am a phone call or email away.

Happy Memories



Announcing Memory Quilting Online Classes

I am so excited to announce that I have been asked by the Quilting Company to work with them to create my memory quilting classes as online classes. The Quilting Company has numerous classes available online. Their classes cover the entire spectrum of interests and techniques in quilting. I will be taping 5 classes that will be available online for those interested in making their memory quilts extra special. I will be teaching how to take T-shirts, Dress Shirts and Polo’s, Sports Jersey’s, Ties, and Children’s Clothes and make them into wonderful memory quilts for family, friends and clients. I have always done things a little differently, with that little extra, which many memory quilters don’t do. I am hoping these classes will allow anyone interested in making memory quilts beyond the norm to spread their wings and have fun with the process.  Memory Quilts including T-shirts are so much more than just cutting a square and I am excited to be able to share my expertise and ideas with a larger group of quilters.

I head to Golden, Colorado in a week for the taping. It should be really interesting and fun. I promise to take lots of pictures and keep you posted on my adventure.

Have a wonderful, productive weekend.


How To Make A Small Ironing Board For Your Studio

I have a great little ironing board in my studio that I love.   It is compact and collapsible so you can easily store it but I rarely put it away as I use all the time. The size is perfect for ironing tricot onto t-shirts and it fits just right next to my sewing machine for when I am piecing a quilt.

Attached is a video on how to make it.

Making an ironing board

Hope you find this ironing board as great an addition to your studio as I do.

Happy Memories and Happy Sewing.




Having Your Quilts Appraized

There are a lot of people who have quilts that have been passed down from generation to generation. We have three quilts that are from Doug’s grandmother and great-grandmother. Over the years we have talked about getting them appraised for insurance purposes but never managed to get it done. There are normally quilt appraisers at quilt shows but I have either been working the shows in my booth, teaching classes, or I am there with friends and just haven’t been able to take advantage of the opportunity.

The quilt above was made for Doug’s grandfather as he was leaving for service in WWI by his mother and sisters.

There was a quilt show in Orlando last week and I was going to the show with my girlfriends one day to shop and look at all the quilts on display. I realized there was going to be an appraiser there and decided to take advantage of the show being local to go a second day and finally have the quilts appraised. I found that it really isn’t difficult to do. For this show I just had to register online in advance for admission to the show and schedule three half hour appointments with the appraiser, one per quilt.

The day of my appointments I took my quilts to the booth. There were several tables put together where the quilt was spread out. The appraiser, Joyce, looked over each quilt individually, taking pictures of the quilt, the embroideries and the fabrics used. She asked questions about who made it, as well as when and where it was made. We talked about the types of fabrics included in each quilt. In our case two of the quilts are crazy quilts. Joyce noted they were made from all kinds of fabrics: corduroy, suiting, dress and shirt fabrics. She asked if they were made by a tailor or seamstress since there were so many different fabrics. Doug and I found this really funny considering I make quilts for people out of those very kinds of fabrics now in my memory quilting business.

Thia quilt was also made by Doug’s great-grandmother.

I learned a lot about how appraisals are done by doing this. Joyce wanted to know everything I could find out about the history of the quilts. Knowing as much as possible about the quilt helps her to date the quilt and fabrics and give the best appraisal possible. You could also tell that she really enjoyed hearing the stories that went with the quilts and had a genuine interest in the history of the quilts beyond her job.

Since in this case the appraisals were taking place in a booth in the show I had to pay admission to the show and then pay her a fee of $50 per quilt. I have found this is a pretty standard price for appraisals. For those of you who don’t know much about quilt appraisers it is something that takes a lot of knowledge and education in the history of quilting and quilt fabrics & textiles. There is a certification process involved so you know they know their stuff.

There are many reasons to have your quilt appraised:

Secure Insurance Coverage

Making a Donation for the Quilt

Settle an estate

Shipping a quilt for a show or contest

Selling a quilt


If you are interested in having a quilt appraised check out any area quilt shows to see if they have an appraiser scheduled. You can also contact Professional Association of Appraisers – Quilted Textiles at for the names of appraisers in your area.

Whether you are a quilter or just have family quilts that have been passed down to you this is something you should think about doing. It would be expensive for a quilter to do all of his or her quilts but you should definitely get appraised those quilts that you have taken a great deal of time with and are of a more intricate nature.

Hope you have learned something from my latest adventure as I have.  If you have any questions about the process please feel free to ask.

Have a great weekend.





Christmas Present Quilts

Happy New Year!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday. Most of us are socked in with the cold.  I know, I know who am I to complain about cold when I live in Florida.  Well, for us it is pretty nippy but I really am enjoying snuggling under my quilts in front of the fire.  We don’t get to do that much here and this past week I have spent many an hour doing just that – which is just fine for now.

I gave several quilts to my great nieces and nephew for Christmas just in time for them to snuggle under as the storms go through PA.  I wasn’t able to share them before as I didn’t want to risk anyone seeing them before they were given but I thought I would share them with you now.

This is the first one I made.  I kind of did this one backwards as I found the fabric for the back first. One of my great nieces loves turtles so I started out with the beautiful turtle fabric for the back and then designed the front to go with it.

The next one I did was for my other great-niece who loves Paris.  I used fabric that I had bought as a kit years ago and has been in my stash since waiting to become a quilt.  I teased my husband that I knew all those years ago that I would have a great-niece who loved Paris and would need to make her a quilt, which is why I have been moving this fabric around from PA, to Virginia and now Florida. 🙂

The last one I made was for my great-nephew who loves to fish. This was actually made out of two panels from two different designers.  I used one full panel and used parts of the second one. I love how they blended together.It was a lot of fun designing and making these cuties their quilts. I hope they keep them warm and snuggly for many winters to come.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and are excited about the year to come.  I have gotten some other projects from my stash done in the last couple of weeks, which puts me ahead of last year already so I am on a roll.  What are you working on?  Don’t forget to share. We all love to be inspired and encouraged by other quilters.

Have a great week.  Trish


Snowmen and Holiday Blessings

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  Doug and I had an amazing holiday.  For the first time in two years we had all of our children in one place, it was such a blessing. Our daughter arranged for us to have family pictures done as you have to take advantage of the those special moments when you have them.  I look at them now in their frames and my heart just glows. We came home after that special time and I threw myself into decorating for Christmas.  I love decorating for Christmas.  I have boxes and boxes of decorations.  It takes me days to get it all done, but I love it.  I put on Christmas movies and Christmas music and watch the witches of Halloween and pumpkins of fall get replaced with adorable snowmen of winter.  A lot of people collect Santa’s but for me it has always been snowmen.  I keep them up into February, especially since I have lived in Florida, as it fills my need for the cold north without having to go there.

Here are some pictures of the snowmen I have collected over the years.

Even with all the snowmen we never forget the reason for the season. xoxox

As we approach the holiday season we want to thank all of you in the quilting community, quilters, friends, family, students, clients and customers for all of the wonderful fellowship and blessings we have received from knowing you.  Your stories and encouragement have been awe-inspiring and we are so happy to be part of this wonderful community.   Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe or any other holiday Doug and I wish you all the blessings life can bestow.  May your time with your loved ones be cherished and joyous.

See you in 2018

Love Trish

Fussy Cutting with All Squared Up Tee’s Templates

How are your Christmas projects coming?  I am in the process of getting some of my Christmas presents made.  The quilt I am working on is being made from fabric I have had in my stash for years.  It is so funny how you can buy something because you really like it but not know what you are going to do with it. Fast forward 10 years and you find it in your stash and have the perfect person to use it for.  I had some cute Parisian Cat fabric that is perfect for a niece who loves anything Paris.  One of the fabrics i used for fussy cutting into blocks.

My 6 1/2″ All Squared Up Tee’s Template was perfect for the job. I even cut the blocks on point.  See how you can look right through the template to the design.  With no lines in the way you can see what you want to put in the quilt perfectly.  The templates are perfect for this kind of quilt block and the blocks can be made in a variety of sizes.  4 1/2″ up to 16 1/2″ if you want them that big.

Do you have a project where you want to fussy cut the fabric.  Check out the various sizes of All Squared Up Tee’s Templates. I bet we have the perfect size to help you make your quilts easily and your centering and cutting perfect.

Have a great weekend.


What’s Old Is New Again

Fall has come to Florida, YEAH!!! I am so happy.  We were able to open all our windows and slider doors today and let the cool breezes come through house.  We even went for a drive out to the coast for dinner in Doug’s convertible, fantastic.  Don’t know how long it will last but will enjoy it while it’s here.

Off and on I have been redoing some old quilts that I had just tied instead of machine quilted.  This last one I did is a quilt I made for my Mom and Dad’s camp in Maine about 20 years ago.  I say about because I was bad back then and didn’t put labels on my quilts.  Bad Girl, Bad Girl, ugh. I now put labels on all my quilts.

This quilt originally had a hunter green backing on it and had been pillow-cased and then tied. I took it apart and found another flannel that would match the best I could and quilted it.  Since this is all flannels with batting it certainly won’t be used here in Florida, as it is really heavy, so I am going to give it to our son who lives in Syracuse, NY.   It is said that Syracuse is the city in the US with the highest number of inches of snow a year, something like 138.  It will certainly help to keep him warm on those cold winter nights. Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying your fall.  Have a great Halloween  next week and be safe Trick or Treating with the little ones.

God Bless, Trish

Witches, Witches, Witches Galore

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Since I shared my inside holiday decorating I thought it would be fun to share what the outside of my house looks like.  My theme seems to have become witches flying into things and crashing so my yard is full of witches in crazy circumstances.  Maybe I need to check my wine frig to see if any is missing. 🙂

I found the witches legs in a catalog and thought they were so cute but didn’t want to spend the money on them.  Here in Florida things only last a few years and then bleach out because of the sun so I don’t like spending a lot of money on outside decorations since they don’t last as long as they use to up north. I remembered reading someplace about using pool noodles to make legs so I bought some and kind of did my own thing.  I got the socks at JoAnn’s and some shoes at the local thrift store.  First I stuffed the feet of the socks with some poly-fill and then slid in the noodle.  Because I was putting real shoes on them I added some PVC pipe, at my hubbies suggestion, to the inside of the noodle for support but if you aren’t going to use real shoes you don’t need the pipe.  I then put the shoes on the feet.  The shoes on the green socks needed some wire to help keep them in the proper place because of the open style but the boots stay on all by themselves.  I used tent stakes fastened to the pipe to hold the legs in the ground.  Once I had everything together it only took maybe an hour to do both sets of legs.  Now I can just replace the socks when they fade and not have to buy a whole new set of decorations every few years.

For anyone admiring my mums on the porch, they are beautiful silk.  I have learned in Florida it is a waste to buy real mums, they die so quickly in the heat.  We also have to wait till the very last minute to carve our pumpkins as they rot in just a few days.  I really do miss the north this time of year but then the really cold weather and snow hits and I am all for my Florida home again. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing my crazy witches.  What kind of decorations, theme do you have for Halloween?

Have a great week. I am working on some projects for my grandchildren which I will share with you later in the week so stay tuned.